ECO FARMING Super Active Organic Fertilizer
The Smart Solution for Farming
Makes Fertile Land and Prosperous Farmers

ECO FARMING Super Active Organic Fertilizer is the result of agricultural research of more than 8 years that has been tested and proven that

ECO FARMING is able to restore soil fertility, making plants healthy and productive, and environmentally friendly.

Formula ECO FARMING has completed nutritional needs of plants and positive bacteria (decomposers) for Soil Fertility Restoration so that it meets the ideal Argo ecosystem requirements

SOIL or LAND has physical properties (structure and texture), chemical properties
(Cation Exchange Capacity / CEC and acidity / pH), biological properties (organic
matter, positive bacteria as decomposers), etc.

PLANT needs complete nutrition of 13 nutrients consisting of Primary Macro (N, P
& K), Secondary Macro (S, Ca and Mg), Micro (Cl, Mn, Fe, Cu, Zn, B and Mo) etc.

WATER (Quality and mineral content), AIR (Carbon, Oxygen and Hydrogen),
Climate, Weather, growing environment, etc.



Benefits of Eco Farming

Eco Farming is a fertilizer or nutrient made from super active organic enriched with macro nutrients, micro, organic acids that stimulate nitrification, growth hormone, to active microbes. These microbes are non-pathogenic microorganisms (microbes that do not cause disease) so they do not damage the original content of the soil. The entire content of eco farming products is substituted with non-pathogenic bacteria so that the bacteria can last longer. In addition, Eco Farming products are 100% extraction of pure organic materials processed with high-technology environmentally friendly(zero emition concept).

Eco Farming organic fertilizers are produced through the Biological Complex Process (BPC), which is a complex biological process involving thousands of different compounds combined by chemical reactions. This process is similar to the metabolic process in the human body.

So, how can eco farming be maximal? In general, the fermentation process in soil involves many things other than organic materials. Fermenter microbes (N, P, and decomposer binders) will carry out the fermentation process along with materials that have gone through the sorting,catalyst, sterilization, and neutralization stages of heavy metals and coupled with Eco Farming organic fertilizers so as to improve the chemical, physical, and biological properties of the soil as well as the formation of granulation (healing of plant tissue wounds).

With this process, the continued use of Eco Farming will provide the main benefits, namely:

  • Improving soil fertility
  • Dissolves and provides phospat
  • Produces several growth enzymes from select microbes in Eco Farming
  • Reduce the use of chemical fertilizers by 25% in the early stages
  • Controlling and preventing pathogenic attacks on plants
  • Accelerate fruit ripening and plant growth
  • Maintain plant health, aid growth and help plants produce quality production products stimulantally
  • Increase the quantity of crop production
  • Breaking down toxic compounds for plants slowly
  • Safe for the environment and living things